Electric razor that doesn’t require cords

Braun 310S vs 3040S Since all of my Braun appliances have integral transformers and utilize Safety Extra Low Voltage power sources, the oversized plugs are unavoidable whenever I travel. However, if your product has a manufacturing defect, you can bring it to our service center, where we do not provide repair instructions. Rest assured that occurrences like these are quite unusual despite the rigorous quality controls we’ve set up. We’d be happy to take you to the service facility and get your feedback in person.
No, it does not provide a shave as close as one achieved with a blade. But it provides a shave that, in less than 10 minutes, gets rid of all visible beard and much of what you can feel. Extremely acceptable in all business and social settings. The razor itself was missing the charging base. Simply place it on the counter and plug it in with the wire that was given. It just takes 30 minutes to an hour to fully charge. It contains a charging port for your electric razor. The charge should hold for two weeks of daily use. If the battery dies mid-shave, you’ll have to wait until it’s fully charged before you can continue. However, lithium batteries often have a long service life.
The Greatest Present: Perfect items to give him on special occasions like Christmas, his birthday, or your anniversary. cordless battery-powered: Ni-mh rechargeable battery that can power the razor for 45 minutes, or one week’s worth of shaving. You can get one quick charge and shave out of it. Engineered to Last An electric razor that doesn’t require cords and can survive for up to 7 years, even when used with water, foam, or gel to remove hair. The amount of hair that is regrown is increased. The precision trimmer’s MicroComb is designed to capture more hair with each stroke, allowing for accurate trimming of the mustache and sideburns, as seen in a comparison with the Braun Series 3. electric razor from Braun’s Series 3 line, a smart plug that can adapt to voltages between 100 and 240, and a protective lid. The three pressure-sensitive shaving attachments provide a close, comfortable shave that adapts to your face’s contours. Rechargeable electric Braun Series 3 shavers provide close shaving for both facial hair and skin. Two rows of fine grooves sit in just the right spots to help guide hair for a close, comfortable shave. The Braun Series 3 electric razor is another product made in quality-conscious Germany.
The three flexible shaving components (3-Flex head) adjust to any contour of the face, ensuring optimal skin contact. Proven effective on the most stubborn 3-day beards. Braun’s pressure-sensitive blades retract instantly to prevent cuts. so that your skin feels silky smooth after you shave. A protective cap, a Braun Series 3 electric razor, and an intelligent plug that can adapt to voltages from 100 to 240 volts are all included. Use it in conjunction with water, foam, or gel for a silkier feel and easier glide. In addition, the shower is a great place to shave. electric razor from Braun’s Series 3 line, a smart plug that can adapt to voltages between 100 and 240, and a protective lid.


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